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  • Route of Akanthios wine – Ancient Akanthos

The route of the Akanthios Wine, refers to the water element of Aristotelian Philosophy. Through a walk in the city of Ierissos, we will see wine as a historical and cultural link through the centuries. Our excursion will start with a “light” walk on the path of Ancient Akanthos, it wil continue with a visit to Necropolis museum and will end in a stunning location overlooking the whole of Akanthios Gulf and Mount Athos, at a local winery, for wine tasting. We will try excellent quality local wine combined perfectly with local delicacies.

  • Apocalyptic route refers to the water element of Aristotle’s Philosophy.

The route includes a visit to the unique monastery of Mount Athos, the Monastery of Zygos (Fragokastro), which is located right on the border of Mount Athos. It is an ancient Athonite monastery, which was founded in the middle of the 10th century and was destroyed shortly before 1198. Through a beautiful walk we will encounter the Athonite architecture and learn important historical facts, in a place that is only one meter away from the borders of Mount Athos. The Zygou Monastery – even if it is inactive today – is the only Athonian monastery in which the representatives of the female sex are allowed to enter. Outside the fence, you can see the column with the UNESCO logo, which marks the designation of the Athonian peninsula as a World Heritage Site. Our route continues with a visit to a local brewery with a strong symbolic character, in a specially designed area. There we will not only enjoy a mini-interactive seminar on beer production, beer tasting on five beer labels accompanied by fine local cheese, but we will draw information regarding the 7 seals of the Apocalypse.

  • Route of Varvara’s Waterfalls

The route of the Varvara Waterfalls, refers to the element of water, of Aristotelian Philosophy. Through a wonderful walk in the green forest of Varvara, we will approach a unique location. Waterfall’s water a lush landscape in an idyllic landscape. Calmness and a feeling of losing the sense of time as one can easily imagine mythological deities laughing through the trees. Our journey will continue in the traditional settlement of Varvara, where we will visit the women’s cooperative association “Dryades”, which in a special designed space will serve us local, traditional soup and local delicacies.

  • Route of Aristoteles

The route of Aristotle, refers to the air element of Aristotelian Philosophy. Our journey will start from the site of Ancient Stagira, the birthplace of the Great Philosopher, where a tour will take place which will end in small paths in a grove. The signs that exist in the area, include the visitor not only in its historicity but also give information about the flora of the area. Then we will visit the Aristotle Grove, in the settlement of Stagira, where there is the statue of Aristotelis, in a thematic park with games inspired by the Physics of his theory. The view at both points is simply breathtaking.

  • Route of Arnea

The route of Arnea, refers to the earth element of Aristotelian Philosophy. There will be a tour in the alleys of the so called “Aristocrat Town” of Eastern Halkidiki. We will visit the Church of Saint Stefanos, a building from 1812, where the glass floor allows us to see the buildings of older temples dating from the 10th century. Then through a unique route of stone streets and buildings inspired by the architecture of Mount Athos, we will visit the Folklore Museum and the Museum of Textiles, where we will have the opportunity to get to know the local culture through the centuries. Next stop, tasting honey at the award-winning company, where we will taste excellent quality varieties of honey, the local drink Mountovina and visit a museum of beekeeping art, where we will see how honey was produced in the last century. We end up in the Grove of Agia Paraskevi, for free time. In a green landscape with small paths there is the possibility for optional amusement for children with horse riding.

  • “Wine Games” Scuba Diving and Wine Tasting

Discover the underwater wine cellar of the Domaine Agrovision winery, which is located in Halkidiki, and choose your own bottle of wine or ask the diving professionals to pick a bottle of wine for you. Exclusive scuba diving in Halkidiki’s only underwater cellar.
The underwater conditions arrange a completely different taste, since the lack of oxygen under water does not allow the wine to do the fermentations that would have taken place in air conditions, thus creating a special and unique taste, since the permeability of the cork allows from slightly to no external factors to affect the wine.
That is why it is recommended that the wine should stay out of the bottle for at least ten minutes before consuming it. Are you ready to taste?
Then follow us to Xerxe’s throne, where in an astonished scenery surrounded by Akanthios gulf, Ammouliani island and Mount Athos, we will try excellent quality local wine (7 labels), combined perfectly with local delicacies.
*Extra tips: Scuba Diving is suitable for beginners and more experienced divers!
*Highlights: A mild Mediterranean climate with an average water temperature of 14 C – 28 C, barely sediments in the sea, crystal clear waters, the presence of coral colonies and rich biodiversity, compose a unique diving destination. An absolutely safe diving area as sea currents range from mild to non-existent while visibility in the water exceeds 30 meters!
*Cultural and history tips: We will be informed about the Akanthios Wine. Which was a brand name in antiquity, as well as for the history of the area.

Price: Make a request! Ask the price for the undersea wine bottle!


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