Athos Sea Cruises


Our naval tradition began for us as fishermen in the bays of Holy Mount Athos, then continued with commerce and later on, in 1954, the first passenger wooden boat (capacity: 40 people) was built.

Since then till the year 2000, Photios Rodokalakis has become a shareholder in seven boats operating in the bays of the Holy Mount. His son takes over in the year 2000 and the boat "IOANNA", ideal for complete chartering and with 99 seats, gets fully rebuilt. In 2004, the ship "KAPETAN FOTIS" with 300 seats was built, while a third ship will be in service soon.

Our nautical experience, consistency, reliability and knowledge in boat tours beneath and around the Holy Mount's monasteries ranks us among the best. Thus, we invite you to come along with us and we guarantee you a safe and unforgettable trip.