Kantine Spyros, Alykes


"Spyros" canteen is located at "Alikes" beach, Ammouliani. Canteen was established there in 1995. Like an oasis, within the golden thin sand ("Ammouliani"= (gr)"Αμμουλιανή" = "Thin Sand") , canteen is a refreshment point where you can drink a coffee, a refreshment and taste our snacks, hotdogs and sandwiches. Our foods' quality, our cleanness and our low prices are combined to an excellent organization. Browse our web site and meet "Alikes" beach. View its crystal waters that are ideal for families. ..."For many years, the canteen has been a cheap way for tourists and domestics to feed themselves. Every year, we try to improve our services so anyone can enjoy delicious, cheap and qualitative food. We invite you to visit our island this year and meet you personally; enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Browse this website and meet Ammouliani, meet "Alikes" beach and our canteen!"... Spyros Spyropoulos


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