Stone Built House


Stone built house

With absolute respect for the natural environment, the stone built house stands out with its simple oblong rectangular shape. It is built in the northwestern part of Ammouliani and specifically in the location Faka - Nisakia an area of special beauty since the house is literally projected through the rock, offering unobstructed sea views to both rocky islets.

One of the most beautiful coves of Ammouliani is located in front of the house. The sea access to the natural bay adjacent to the property, is really a unique gift of nature to the home, making it special.


Stone Built House, The Main Residence

The basic principle is the integration of the building in the landscape, while the particularity of the house is based on the linear layout of both volumes that can offer independent or connected dwelling, offering holidays to a large group. Natural materials such as local stone, chestnut wood, cement mortar, built-in benches, selected furniture as well as antiques that marry in style, fully justify the architectural point of view of the house. The main house is hidden in the volume of just 65 square meters and covers all the needs with the austerity and unpretentious beauty that a summer house needs. In the open space of the living room, the endless blue is permanently hosted through the large opening that it has, while the bedroom offers the same view. The stone and the cement mortar decorate the bathroom of the house.


Stone Built House, The Guesthouse

Inside the rock is the hostel of the house. A second volume of 35 square meters of open space has the same philosophy as the main residence which was created in order to operate independently but, if necessary, it can also meet the needs of a company. The white color of the walls and the floor made of cement mortar reflects the natural light that invades from the openings while the rock stands in front of the guest house exuding an atmosphere of magic. The very old furniture and objects of the family with the simple bedroom and the modern sofa and different cultures give to the interior a more personal air. The guest house has its own outdoor dining area with the same breathtaking view.


Stone Built House, Box House

A beautiful, elevated, luxury tiny home that hosts only the vast blue……So simply, an idea that adopts the new style of vacation away from the needs of permanent residence……

Wood, metal & glass give their own character to the strong linear element of the structure while the natural coconut tree, the reeds and the natural landscape of the estate let the vast blue dominate…………..


Stone Built House, Amenities

In the linear layout of the main house the outdoor stone kitchen - barbecue is strategically placed and consists of a large area of open shaded space for endless hours of calm and relaxation. The large dining room for 10 people with the built-in wood oven gives the opportunity for well-cooked food with a special taste.

The owner's private inflatable boat can make the holiday unforgettable. It is offered for the tour of the island, of Mount Athos, guided tours of Sithonia and sea getaways.

The olive trees play a leading role in the landscape since they accompany the stone house. The house is supported by solar panels, since it is an energy autonomous house and has gas appliances while there is no possibility of air conditioning and high power appliances (hair dryer, washing machine or ironer).

Today, with the prevailing trend of bioclimatic architecture «which is essentially recommended in achieving the desired lighting, ventilation, heating and coolingin natural ways and by minimizing the use of artificial means, we necessarily return to the basic rules of architecture that they remain unchanged».

There is a large parking space.


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